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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ABC Movement & Physical Activities

After a number of requests, I am excited to share a few new sets of Education Cubes insert cards with you! The most recent additions to the Members Only Site are the Alphabet Movement cards and the Physical Activity cards. These are a great way to add some physical activity to learning! (These cards were inspired by the Movement Cards found on The Home Teacher!)

Alphabet Movement #1

Clipart Designs Copyright Graphics Factory

The Physical Activity insert cards are like the ABC Movement cards shown above…without the alphabet emphasis!

For a fun idea, you could use some Physical Activity cards in one cube and some Phonogram cards in another. Roll both cubes. Determine the number of sounds the phonogram makes and perform the physical activity that number of times! For example, if the child rolls the phonogram “a” on one cube and the push-ups card with the other cube, the child would do 3 push-ups because the phonogram “a” makes 3 sounds. Thanks Shanna C. for this awesome idea!

You can access these insert cards for your Education Cubes and many, many others by joining the Education Cubes Members Only Site.

Attn Members: These cards can be found on the Physical Education page within the Elective category!

Do you have an idea of how to use the Alphabet Movement and the Physical Activity insert cards with your Education Cubes? Please share your ideas in a comment!

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  1. We love our cubes! I was so happy to see the movement inserts this morning. I printed them out and we used them review our co-op material. It was a great way to get moving and I didn't get one complaint about lots of review! Also it was something that both my 6 year old and my 2 year old could do together. Thank you!


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