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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arrows Point the Way!!!

The most recent addition to the Education Cubes Members Only site are the Arrow insert cards! Go the the right! Make a left! Turn around! Make a U-turn! Use these insert cards to add a little physical activity and fun to learning!


You can access this set of insert cards plus many more by joining the Education Cubes Members Only site!

Do you have ideas on how to use the Arrow insert cards to enhance learning? Please share your ideas in a comment!

Attn Members: You can find these insert cards on the Physical Ed page under Electives and on the Miscellaneous page under the Other page.


  1. These would be great to use with a hundreds board. Rolling an arrow and having to either find the number in that direction or say the number without looking(for more advanced kids). You could even make a hundreds board on the floor or a shower curtain and move in the direction.


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