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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Money! Money! Money!

The most recent addition to the Members Only Site are the U.S. Coins insert cards! This is a really FUN way to practice counting money! Add various different coin cards into the cubes. Roll all the cubes and add up the total amount of money!

US Coins

This set of insert cards can be accessed by joining the Education Cubes Members Only site. (The set includes a full page of coins for each of the six coins represented in the image above!)

Do you have another idea of how you could use the U.S. Coins insert cards? I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. I am so excited!!! I just ordered my cubes from Amazon and just joined your site tonight! I can't wait!!!

  2. regarding the two sets you linked from Amazon: what is the difference? which one do you use?
    also, do you know who makes these? I can't find these here in Hungary, and would like to contact the producer to ask them about selling in Hungary. thanks.

  3. Lilla,

    For more info about the two sets of blocks, please click on the "buy blocks" button to the right.

    One Step Ahead carries the photo blocks and will ship internationally. However, if they are able to ship to you, they would have to provide a shipping quote for you (which may take a few days). Their customer service # is 1-800-950-5120.


    Constructive Playthings also carries the blocks and they may ship them to you as well. For more information you could contact their customer service at 1-800-448-7830


  4. Thank you very much indeed!!!


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