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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fraction Action

The most recent additions to the Education Cubes Members Only Site are some basic Fraction insert cards. Included are both a set of reduced fractions (shown below) and a set where the fractions have not been reduced.

Fractions (Reduced)

These insert cards can be used to put a little more “action” in learning fractions. For example, use them along with the Guidecraft Fraction Board or Fraction Cups. Roll the cube (with the Fraction insert cards) and then show the fraction using the board or cups!

Do you have more ideas on how to use the Fraction insert cards with your Education Cubes? Please leave a comment and share your ideas!

FYI: I have some more visual fraction insert cards in the works. Stay tuned…

You can access these insert cards by joining the Education Cubes Members Only Site.

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