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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taking Requests…

imageI am in the process of creating a master list for all of the Education Cube insert card ideas. If you would like to make a suggestion, please leave your idea in a comment on this blog post. I will take the ideas posted here and add them to my master list, which will be my “go-to” for creating new insert cards! Thank you in advance for your suggestions! (Please note that making a suggestion does NOT mean that I will “for sure” be able to create the insert cards requested. The insert card idea(s) will be added to the list, but I cannot guarantee if and when the cards will be made.)

FYI: You can also view a complete list of all the insert cards currently found on the Members Only Site.


  1. I'd love to have the addition and subtraction finished through +9.

    Ship directions, starboard, port, aft, forward would be cool.

    Maybe some Dr. Seuss stuff.

  2. I would love to see cards for all of the President's of the United States.

    It be also be fun to make Lego building cards.

  3. Hello, how about animal names and matching animal pictures. Could you do a seasons one with the word Autumn and not fall as in Australia we do not use fall. Australian currency would be great. The planets, 3d shapes, space pictures, farm pictures, food groups. The oceans/seas of the world. thanks heaps

  4. Just a couple more suggestions - transport, 5 senses, weather, thanks

  5. Hi Jennifer! It's Tracey - I posted a response to your question about Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum on my blog. I am not sure you will see it so I figured I would mention it here.
    As for Education Cube Inserts I have a ton of ideas. Here are a few I have been thinking about:
    1.) Nursery Rhyme Picture Inserts
    The child could roll and retell the rhyme. The child
    could roll and retell the rhyme using props. The child
    could roll and practice counting the number of words
    in each sentence using the first line of each rhyme.
    The child could roll the cube and actually read or have
    the rhyme read to them. I think Prekinders and Pre-K
    Pages does an activity similar to this.
    2.) Train Themed Days of the Week in Spanish (for use
    with Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum - LOL!) I would use
    these in several ways.*
    3.) Facial Expressions in Spanish and English with and
    without words.
    The child could roll and act out the expression. They
    could roll the cube and sing a verse to "If Your Happy
    and You Know It." The child could roll and build the
    facial expression with magnetic or paper/magazine
    facial features.
    4.) 5 W's + How
    The child or parent can read a story. Then, the child
    could roll the cube to retell parts of that story.
    5.) Story Element Cubes (one set of pictures for each:
    Characters, Setting, and Events)
    The child could roll and tell or write a story based on
    the cubes. the written version could have
    6.) Grammar Cube Inserts (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives,
    Articles, Pronouns, etc)
    The child could roll and create a silly sentence. They
    could read it or practice writing it with an illustration.
    7.) Composer and Artist Cube
    Roll and tell all you remember about an artist or
    composer. Roll the cube and learn about that
    particular artist or composer online. If you have CD's
    the child could roll and listen to a particular composer
    during art time.
    8.) Sight Word Activity Cubes or Poetry Activities
    Roll cube to find out which activity you will do to
    learn sight words or work on poetry memorization.
    9.) Spanish seasons, weather, family members, months
    of the year, days of the week (see above), student
    basic questions or response starters. I could give you
    a starting list if you are interested in the question
    one. I would have Alyssa roll a question and then
    respond during calendar or circle time. You could
    also do clothes or rooms in the house in Spanish.
    10.) Landforms
    The child could roll and form the landform with
    11.) 3D Shapes
    Roll and build with Playdoh or other materials such
    as marshmallows and toothpicks.

    P.S. I have other math ideas too. Please let me know what you think and if you will be making any of these. Have to go family is calling!

    God Bless,
    Tracey at Tot Play: A Learning Journey

  6. I went back and checked Prekinders and Pre-K Pages for the nursery rhyme dice. They didn't actually have it listed. I think what I did was I used the posters from prekinders and the small nursery rhyme pictures from Pre-K Pages to put in the photo die. Then, Alyssa would roll it and retell the rhyme. But, I would love to see your version which I am sure would be bigger and more colorful.

  7. Don't know if it is considered "unethical" to use an IDEA from another website....as long as you don't copy the actual material....as teachers, we all do it, all the time....use/tweak other peoples' ideas, I mean. I had a professor in college who frequently reminded us that "a good teacher is a good thief." Anyway, if you are so inclined, there are lots of ideas at http://www.montessoriforeveryone.com/ that you could expand with. Thanks for all the work you do already!

  8. I saw an awesome Naration Cube today. Maybe you could hook up with the creator to be able to use their concept in your education cubes.



  9. I know this is late, but I'd like to see cards that work with RightStart math... numbers done with tally sticks, dots, and abacus beads.


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