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Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Word Families!

I have completed all of the Word Families! The final Word Family additions to the Education Cubes Members Only Site are the remaining “o” word families and the “u” word families:

–oon, –oop, –oat, –op, –ore, –orn, –ot, –ought, –ould, –ouse, –out, –ow, –own

-uck, –ug, –ump, –un, -unk

Word Family (un)

Practice reading word families by rolling a word on the cube and saying it! Then use it in a sentence. For more of a challenge, roll two words and make a rhyming sentence!

You can access the word family insert cards as well as many, many more by joining the Education Cubes Members Only Site.

View a complete list of all the insert cards currently found on the Members Only Site.

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