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Friday, February 24, 2012

Show & Tell {2.24.12}

Show & TellWelcome you to the Education Cubes Show & Tell! I am very excited to see how YOU are implementing the cubes and insert cards for some fun, hands-on learning fun! If this will be your first time participating, be sure to check out the Show & Tell Guidelines before linking up your post.

NEW GUIDELINES: For those who have participated before, please take note of the new guidelines. Basically, by linking up to the Show & Tell, you are now giving me permission to feature your idea as a blog post here on the Education Cubes site. Featuring your idea means that I will use at least one of your photos (showing your Education Cubes idea) and I will direct my readers to your site by providing a link back to your corresponding blog post.

Please note: The new guidelines do not apply to the posts linked up prior to the new guidelines. For those, I will still contact you to ask permission to feature your idea.

Remember:  You MUST be an Education Cubes Member AND your post MUST show the Education Cube insert cards in use. Your post does not have to solely be about Education Cubes. You may use old posts or posts for other blog carnivals as long as you go in and add either the button or the sentence linked to here. You can grab the button & see the sentence on the Show & Tell Guidelines post.

Please Note ~ Links that do not comply with the guidelines will be removed in order to help others searching specifically for Education Cube ideas!

Now, onto the showing and telling! I can’t wait to see your ideas!!


  1. I do not have a blog, but would love to share an activity my 3, 4, and 5 year old did with Education Cubes. I have the big lacing buttons from Oriental Trading. I laid them out, and used 2 cubes~one with the basic shapes cards,and another with the color cards. My child rolled both cubes and had to find a button to match both the shape and color that was rolled. The 3 year old enjoyed the game so much, she taught her Daddy how to play!

    1. Shawn, I love this idea! If you would like for me to feature your idea as a blog post here on the site, please send me a photo of the activity. (Your children do not have to be shown in the photo.) :-)


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